EVERYONE EXPERIENCES STORMS OF LIFE - occasions that bring pain, suffering, or loss.  It's in turbulent times that all sorts of questions come to mind: Where is God ?  Why has this happened?  Was it something I did?  Did God cause it, and if so, why?  When we find ourselves in tumultuous times, the safest place to go for answers is God's Word.


The literal tempest described in today's passage provides insight regarding the Lord's role in the various upheavals we face.  According to verse 25, God was responsible for this storm, as He was the one who raised the winds and saves that frightened the sailors.


Sometimes the Lord interrupts our life by sending turbulence so we will do what those sailors did - in their misery and helplessness, they cried for God's help.  He then brought them out of their distress by calming the storm and guiding them to a safe haven.  In response, they thanked the Lord for His lovingkindness and wondrous deliverance and praised Him to other people.


There's nothing like the sense of relief that comes when a storm is past.  But let's not forget to respond like those grateful sailors.